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Have you ever wondered why spectacles or sunglasses look great on some people but not on others? Having difficulty finding a pair to suit you? Well the answer lies in the shape of your face! The secret to finding suitable spectacles, either normal optical glasses or sunwear, is to select a pair that compliments your face shape by contrasting its contours rather than matching them. As a rule of thumb there are 6 different face shapes:


Round Face: Select angular or square/rectangle shapes to elongate the face and give a thinner appearance. 

Square Face: Select circular shapes to soften the angular contours of your face.

Inverted Triangular Face: Select shapes which will add width at the bottom to soften the upper contours and help elongate the face. An example of such a shape is 'Aviator'.

Oval Face: Lucky you! Almost any shape will suit you, but any frame which adds width towards the top or bottom of your face will work.

Triangular Face: Select shapes which will add width at the top to contrast your facial features. An example of such a shape is 'Cateye'.

Heart Face: Select angular shapes to compliment the narrower lower part of your face, such as square frames, which will compliment the widest point of your face.

Further frame fitting considerations include your overall head size, the shape of your brow line, the distance between your eyes, and the width and shape of your nose. At Boutique Optical we realise everyone is shaped individually and so we are able to design bespoke glasses to fit your face and style needs. For further information contact us on 0858661402 or click here to send us a message.

Face Shape Measurement

Simply fill out the form below, upload a clear picture of your face, and we will send you back your face shape measurement including recommendations on frame selection including standard optical and sunglass eyewear.

And the best thing - it's completely FREE of charge.

Guidance on Picture Selection:

Do : Include your full face up close

Do : Face front on and not to the side

Do: Show your full face - pull back hair and clothing

Do : Relax your face

Don't : Turn side on

Don't : Stand too far away from camera

Don't : Block any part of your face

Don't : Smile or pull any 'funny' faces

Face partially hidden

and smiling


Face clear, front on, 

and relaxed

Face Shape Measurement

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